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Jun 29

Ooooh, is he shiny?

Yeah, I agree.

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Jun 29

How NOT to propose…

astrocoz from flickr

Um, yeah.  I’d say no too.  Of course, I’m scared of the sound a popping balloon makes.  But still. A 12K ring goes up in the air…

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Jun 28

Are You Prepared?

Photo by KiwiNZ

With the recent fires popping up in my part of Georgia, I’m beginning to think I should have an escape plan.  I mean, I’ve already got one in place in case of the zombie apocalypse…why not in case of fire?  It would be smart, right? What would you take with you?

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Jun 27

Cool Indie Music

Give a listen to my friend Rob.  I really love his voice.  His lyric blog is here. Go and like his Facebook page too.  🙂

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Jun 26

A Little Overboard, You Think?

TSA Icon

You’re 95 years old, in the final stages of leukemia, and have to use a wheelchair to get around because you’re too weak to walk or stand up properly.  Then you’re flying home to be with your family in your final times.  So, you’re subject to a search.  But how far is too far in …

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Jun 23

Cool Rock….Wait…It’s a WHAAAA?

I’m honestly unsure what this is, but it scares the crap out of me.  Found this surfing the web today.   Creepy spider/crab/mutant thingy.

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Jun 22

Immortal Justice Book Trailer Now Live!

Cover by Tamra Westberry

Rebecca has finished the book trailer for Immortal Justice by author Faith V. Smith. The scheduled release date for the book is Friday, June 24th. It’s being released in both ebook and print formats from The Wild Rose Press. Faith’s website We sincerely hope you like the trailer!

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Jun 21

The Lazy Song

I absolutely adore this song.  The video is cute and it makes me want to learn to Dougie.  Whatever that is.  Warning…it’s catchy.  🙂

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Jun 20

The Nerve of Some People


Imagine your home being destroyed by a tornado. The loss… devastation… sadness. Then you pick up the pieces and get a permit from your town to TEMPORARILY place a modular home a couple of streets away (in the woods, I might add.) Your yard is covered in debris, so your neighbors are helping you clean …

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Jun 19

Best Mario Paint Song. Ever.

I realize that this is old to many, but I haven’t seen it until today.  And I needed the laugh.  Tremendously.    

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