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Jun 13

Seriously McDonald’s…


A distasteful obviously altered image is causing quite a stir on the internet.  The fake ‘sign’ says that McDonald’s will charge black customers $1.50 more per transaction, due to an insurance measure.  Customers have flocked to the internet and twitter to complain, starting a trend “Seriously McDonald’s”.  The corporation has replied with rebuttals stating that …

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Jun 05

Zombie dance off anyone?

What happens when zombies challenge you to a dance off?………Their dancing distracts you and your whole group gets taken down thats what. Visit the link below to see it.

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Jun 03

Fantasy Sagas that are Wronger than Twilight

twilight lemon

Personally, I think that the Twilight Saga is full of crap, stalking boys, and needless drama.  That being said, the characters are interesting…but probably not as interesting as some of the ones in these ten novels.  While I may not agree with everything the author states about each series, it’s still a very funny and …

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Jun 02

Birth Control for Men…About Damn Time!


It isn’t ‘live’ yet, but maybe someday soon it will be.  They’re doing the drug trials in India, and so far, it’s 100% effective and reversible, too!  No pills to count, keep up with, or fret over if you forgot to take it.  It doesn’t mess with your hormones, and the procedure can be done in …

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May 21

A Flowchart for Your Imminent Doom

So, the apocalypse is upon us, as they say.  Decisions, decisions.  This chart will make it easier for you to decide what you should do and expect in the upcoming days/months/weeks.  Possibly years.  If you make it that long. Not sure what to do if surrounded by zombies…here’s your answer!  Completely failproof…not foolproof…

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May 19

CDC: Your Source for Credible Information in the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse

jake zombie

Finally!  The government has admitted to what I’ve been saying for years…you’d better prepare for all kinds of disasters, be they natural or supernatural.  Case in point, the upcoming zombie apocalypse.  I know who’s going to be on my team…do you?  Hit the jump for more information.

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