Jun 27


Apparently the poor dog must have been traumatized from watching a movie called Black Sheep.


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Jun 27

The Great Escape

Even the cows are standing up to authority…


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Jun 27

Cool Indie Music

Give a listen to my friend Rob.  I really love his voice.  His lyric blog is here.

Go and like his Facebook page too.  🙂

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Jun 26

A Little Overboard, You Think?

You’re 95 years old, in the final stages of leukemia, and have to use a wheelchair to get around because you’re too weak to walk or stand up properly.  Then you’re flying home to be with your family in your final times.  So, you’re subject to a search.  But how far is too far in a pat down?  Is removal of your dignity also included in this service?

News article about poor elderly woman.

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Jun 24

Next-gen Lincoln Logs

Awesome new toy that can be used to make robots. Check out cubelets for more info, and to see them in action.

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Jun 24

Fine! YOU drive!


I wonder how much the dry cleaning bill for his pants was….

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Jun 23

Swing your partner…

Best (and funniest) motorcycle crash EVER


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Jun 23

Cool Rock….Wait…It’s a WHAAAA?

I’m honestly unsure what this is, but it scares the crap out of me.  Found this surfing the web today.


Creepy spider/crab/mutant thingy.

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Jun 22

Transforming Bench

More than meets the eye.

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Jun 22

Immortal Justice Book Trailer Now Live!

Cover by Tamra WestberryRebecca has finished the book trailer for Immortal Justice by author Faith V. Smith. The scheduled release date for the book is Friday, June 24th. It’s being released in both ebook and print formats from The Wild Rose Press.

Faith’s website

We sincerely hope you like the trailer!


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